The Welsh Netball Performance Pathway aims to produce future players who progress into the Welsh Netball World Class performance programme. The Performance Pathway programmes work on all parts of the game to effectively prepare the players for the level above.

You can enter and exit the Welsh Netball Performance Pathway at any stage. This ensures reliable recruitment of players and a fluid system, which allows us to optimise players at the right level at all times. Nearly all players will have knockbacks at some point in their career and the athlete journey is far from straightforward, so stepping off the Performance Pathway doesn’t mean that it is the end of your dream to become a World Class Netballer. If you work hard, there is the opportunity to enter back into the Performance Pathway. 

Check out each stage of the Performance Pathway below.


Local Authority (LA) Hubs

It is the first mile-stone within the Welsh Netball Performance Pathway.

Our Netball Development Officers work with Local Authorities across the country to run netball sessions for children in the area. 

The programme contains twodifferent age groups – Under 15 and Under 13. The Hubs will meet 5 times in the season for 2.5 hours, to receive fun and diverse training from supportive and skilled local netball coaches. The Hub trials are held in January and the Hub season starts shortly thereafter. The players are given an opportunity to put the skills they have learnt into practice at the end of the season with an exciting regional tournament and an opportunity to compete at national finals in both age groups. It is also an opportunity to meet other young netballers from different areas of the country.

As of 2019/20 there is no longer a Under 11 LA Hub. Welshe Netball believes that players at this age group should continue to focus on playing and developing their fundamental skills within a club setting. Welsh Netball will continue to support the development of both players and club coaches at this age group through the introduction of U11 Development Camps.

You can find out more about Welsh Netball’s 2019 review of the LA Hub programme and subsequent changes here.

The aim of the LA Hub programme is to provide a progressive and accessible pathway to maximise our young athletes’ potential to be the best they can be.

If you would like to introduce your child into the LA Hub programme to join over 1000 young netballers on their Welsh Netball journey – contact your Netball Development Officer (NDO) from your region

There is a set criteria that we ask potential LA Hub players to meet prior to their trial. You can find further guidance on the LA Hub criteria, here.

U17 & U21 Talent Centres (Revised on 29 August 2018)

Considering the recommendations of the recent 2018 Independent Pathway Review, Welsh Netball are making some changes to the Performance Pathway for the coming season (September 2018, with Talent Centre sessions starting in January 2019). We look forward to driving these changes throughout Wales and watching the increase in performance both on and off court that we are confident they will bring about.


The key immediate changes are:


  • The training groups previously known as Development Training Centres will from this point on be branded Under 17 Talent Centres. There will be 8 throughout Wales with sessions taking place twice monthly from January to include one training session and one Talent Centre fixture (January – May). There will be a close of programme tournament in June. 


  • The training groups previously known as Performance Training Centres will from this point on be branded Under 21 Talent Centres. There will be 4 throughout Wales with sessions taking place twice monthly from January to include one training session and one Talent Centre fixture (January – May). There will be a close of programme tournament in June. 


  • Players in the Age Group Long Squads will be required to attend Talent Centres and engage fully with the programme, unless they are selected to play in the England Netball National League. Their progress will be communicated to their Age Group Head Coach.
  • Players wishing to trial for the Talent Centres will need to be nominated by their Club/County Coach. Only Players within the Talent Centres (with the exception of those living and studying outside of Wales) will have the opportunity to represent Wales at National Age Group Level

To access the nomination form, please click here


  • The Coaches, Team Managers and Umpires appointed to operate within the new look Talent Centres will receive a development package tailored to their specific needs and be granted opportunities to experience a high performance environment. They will also receive branded kit

To express an interest in being a Talent Centre Coach or Team Manager, please click here

As of August 2016, the Under 21 programme has been enhanced, offering support and development to our players. The programme will consist of two groups:

• Wales Under 21 Long Squad
• Under 21 Talent Squad

Both Under 21 groups are selected from within the Performance Training Centres, as well as our talent identification programmes. There is fluidity between PTC, U21 Talent Squad, and the Wales Under 21 Long Squad. This allows Wales’s Performance Coaching Team the ability to nurture and develop this elite group of players, thus ensuring that Wales continues to produce the best and most talented players possible.


Wales’ senior team is at the top of the Performance Pathway.  Aspiring Wales players and current players are invited to trial at significant times to coincide with international and national events that occur within the netball calendar.