Communications and Marketing Officer

Communications and Marketing Officer ensures that Welsh Netball presents and projects itself in a clear and engaging manner that reflects the breadth of its activity in both community development and elite performance. They are responsible for managing Welsh Netball and Celtic Dragons communication channels, developing relationships and opportunities with external media, delivering relevant information to Welsh Netball customers and engaging with the netball community as well as partners and sponsors.

Typical Activities:

  • Updating Welsh Netball and Celtic Dragons website and social media with relevant content.
  • Creation of posters and graphics to support marketing.
  • Measuring and analysing the reach and impact of Welsh Netball and Celtic Dragons messaging.
  • Providing media support to Celtic Dragons and Wales international match days.
  • Sourcing and liaising with external providers to support the communications and marketing functions of the organisation.
  • Develop and managing media and communications strategies.
  • Providing media training to staff, players, workforce and other volunteers when needed.

Will Rees